Sunday, November 18, 2007

Potty Training Update

I should probably start this entry by apologizing to any readers that do not have toddlers in their home. Because unless that is your current lot in life, you probably will not appreciate the need to discuss this topic!

But potty training is a VERY REAL issue in the Adams house these days. In fact, Tanner wore "big boy" underwear for the first time on Wednesday. And he did fantastic! After only two accidents, he caught on and used the potty chair for the rest of the day. Although I have to confess that accident #2 just about sent me over the edge...since it happened on MY COUCH!! UUGGGHHHHH!!

But we survived and kept trucking ahead. In reality, except for the couch incident, it really hasn't been as bad as I anticipated. In fact, I'm beginning to think that I am more to blame for the fact that Tanner is almost 3 1/2 and just now getting this down. I always liked to say that he just wasn't ready yet, but I think it was more about me. I just had to take the plunge and set aside several days to really focus on it. Credit goes to my friend Steph who inspired me the night before and convinced me that I could do it!

While I can't say that we are totally 100% potty trained, we are definitely well on our way. YIPPEE!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I can't believe it has been a month since I last posted. Life has been busy, but I hate to use that as an excuse since everybody I know is busy! I honestly just haven't been motivated to write, for whatever reason. Here are a few pictures from the month of October:

Tanner in the pumpkin patch:

Tanner & Lauren:

Diane was in town with Lena Jane & Rowdy and we celebrated her 40th Birthday!