Friday, January 30, 2009

Family game night

Last night was family game night. So we decided to play one of the games Tanner received for Christmas. Good idea, right??

When I bought this game, I looked up the reviews. CHECK
It was based on a movie we really liked. CHECK
It was on sale!! CHECK

And then we played the game:

I obviously missed the part about wearing elephant ears and a long nose with velcro on the end of it!

Oh, the things we do for our kids! But Tanner loved it. In fact he wanted to play it over and over again.

My mom always warned me that kids would humble you - but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Decoupaged Journals

Christmas this year was the year of homemade gifts for me. Partly out of necessity and partly because I just enjoy it that way!

When I was crafting up a storm in December, it was so hard not to post my projects on the blog. But considering most of the recipients were readers of this blog, I had to restrain myself.

Now that Christmas is over, WAY OVER I might add, I figured I would post some of the craft craziness.

Today, I will show you the decoupaged journals. These were so fun to make and one of the few things I actually made for myself too! For some reason, I never seem to find the time to make things for myself - but I have one of these journals and it goes with me everywhere!

I found this idea on one of my favorite crafty blogs here.

I used the larger notebooks, so I had to use two different sheets of paper. It can be a little tricky getting the paper on without bubbles and wrinkles. When that happened, I just reminded myself that homemade also means "not perfect"!!

A before and after shot (I apologize for the blinding light in the shot - photography is something I need to work on this year!):

A few of the journals I made for Christmas gifts:


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Well, January is almost over and I never posted the rest of our Christmas pictures. My sister posted some yesterday and gave me the motivation I needed to post some of my own!! are some pics from our Christmas in Kerrville:

Our attempt at a family picture - I think this was shot #318:

The silly boys:

A friendly game of football on Christmas Day:

The kids "patiently" waiting for Christmas Eve to begin:

Enjoying Grandpa and Grandma's "ranch":