Thursday, September 9, 2010

Colten Lee Adams

Colten Lee Adams made his arrival at 12:26 PM on Monday, August 30. He was only 4 days past his due date - which was better than his big brother who made me wait for 8 days after his due date!

We are so excited that he is finally here - and I must admit that I still have moments when I can't hardly believe that God has given us this miracle. After four years of longing for another baby and thinking it would never happen, I feel incredibly blessed that God has given me the desire of my heart!

And not only did He give me another baby, but He gave me an easygoing one at that! In fact, I remember my mom telling me after Tanner was born that I had not experienced a real baby because Tanner was so easy. Well, it looks like I still haven't experienced a "real" baby because at least so far, Colten has been very easy as well. God knows how much we can handle - and apparently He knows I need easy!!

Here are some pictures from the first 11 days of Colten's life: