Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas blessings

Merry Christmas to all!! Well, technically it is the day after Christmas, but I am still in the "spirit". We had a great Christmas with our family and I am still at my parents house in is so nice to just get away from my house with it's endless piles of things that need to be done.

This year Christmas was broken up with several different celebrations, but it was still nice. Chris, Tanner and I spent Christmas Eve at home by ourselves (which was nice!) and Tanner got his big "Christmas surprise" that night. A new puppy!! Tanner kept watching out the window all night for Daddy who was bringing his surprise, and he was so excited when Daddy walked in the door with the puppy. He ran around the house squealing and calling the "little fella" to chase him. I'm not sure that the puppy was all that thrilled with the ultra hyper 3 year old, but oh well. We got the puppy from the local animal shelter and he is a black lab mixed with something else, maybe a border collie. But he is so sweet and laid back and hasn't barked once yet. You can't imagine how that thrills me...I am just hoping it is not a temporary jinx of some kind!! Here are a few pictures of Tanner with his new puppy:

If you are wondering what the new puppies name is, well so are we! The shelter named him "romi" but we haven't decided if we are going to keep that name. Tanner can't seem to get it down, it always comes out "roni" when he says it. Which just makes me think of macaroni and cheese! Yesterday he said that he wanted to name him Jacob, so we thought we might try Jake. But Tanner didn't seem too thrilled with that variation, and he went back to "roni". So I don't know yet what name the puppy will end up with...but hopefully we can all agree on something soon.

On Christmas morning, Meme came over and we opened the rest of our presents. I think Tanner's favorite present was the western shotgun from Grandpa John. He has been playing with it non-stop since yesterday. He is definitely all boy!

After opening our presents, we headed out to Kerrville to spend a few days at my parent's house. Chris had to head back home today for work, but Tanner and I are planning to relax here for a few more days. The nice thing is that I can actually get some things done since Tanner has uncles here to play with and lots of new things to entertain him!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas with those they love. It is definitely my favorite time of year, and it just reminds me of how blessed I am to have such a wonderful family!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Crazy schedule...

I'm not sure exactly what happened, but my well intentioned plan to blog at least once a week as turned into once a month! I know that I have been busy, but this is just sad and pathetic...something has to give!

The holidays are definitely here and my "to do" list is much longer than I would like. I still have a few gifts to purchase and I haven't even thought about Christmas cards yet. Maybe I should aim for New Years cards this year.

Here are a few pictures from our month so far.

Tanner had his friend Lauren over and we decorated gingerbread houses. I think as much candy went in their mouth as on the gingerbread houses...but they had lots of fun. And they made beautiful masterpieces, if I must say so myself!