Saturday, March 21, 2009


Tanner comes up with the funniest things sometimes.

Earlier this week, I was making lunch and he informed me he wasn't hungry.

He then said "I don't want to get a big stomach. You know some guys have big stomachs" he proceeded to give me his best pot-belly imitation with his shirt lifted and sticking his stomach out.

I was trying not to laugh, as I said, "Really?? So, does Daddy have a big belly?"

"No" Tanner said and he got quiet.

I went back to making the sandwiches, then I heard him from behind me.

"But you have a big bottom!"

Well, thank you! Thank you very much!

I guess it is time to pull out the Taebo videos.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Preschool update

Tanner and I have been "officially" doing preschool for two weeks now.

At times it has been fun. Other times have been a CHALLENGE!

I have had a sneaky suspicion for some time now that teaching might not be one of my greatest gifts.

Well, I think an incident last week confirmed my suspicions.

I was painstakingly teaching the fine art of writing a lowercase a - using the clock face method. You know...start at "2 o'clock" and go up around the clock...and so on. It seemed simple and logical enough to me. So there I was at the marker board taking great pains to illustrate this and explain it in a way Tanner would understand.

Noticing it was very quiet behind me, I turn around to see Tanner's head on his desk.

"Tanner, what are you doing?" (in my sweetest, calmest, not frustrated in the slightest voice - of course!).

And this is what I hear - "Mommy, you are talking too much and I am getting sleepy!"

Needless to say, the lesson on the lowercase "a" ended right there.

Apparently I bore him into a state of exhaustion.

This is going well!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


After much thought and discussion and mental angst, I have finally decided on a name for my creative endeavors. You would think I was trying to decide on a baby name!!

Since Diane and I will be selling our crafts and "stuff" at Wimberly Market Days in a few weeks, I knew that I needed a name. I am even thinking about opening an Etsy store...although I'm not sure where I think I am going to find the time for this!

I wanted a catchy name that had significant meaning to me. The Lord gave me the passage in I Kings 17:5-6 back in November of last year as we were beginning to see the effects of the slow economy on our business. Since that time, those verses have brought incredible comfort to me and reminded me that as long as we are obedient to the Lord, He will always provide for us - even if it is in unusual ways! Just as Elijah was obedient to the Lord and the ravens brought him food both morning and night. Not your typical provision!

Every time I would think about a name for my business, all I could think about was this story and the word "raven". So, I have decided the name will be Raven Brook.

I found a cute graphic online and came up with this logo:

Now I need to get busy crafting and sewing, so that I have some products and not just a name!

Chick Fil A

If you have a Chick Fil A nearby, you will understand the deep sentiment that accompanies this video. Hysterical!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

I love this song, but...

We got in the car this morning and a Nicole Mullins song was on the radio.

Tanner said, "I love this song but it cracks me up nuts".

I was laughing out loud!! You know..."it cracks me up" or it "drives me nuts", it's all the same thing right???!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Altered tins

I love to alter things. I think Mod Podge is one of my favorite inventions!!

A couple of years ago, I altered several of these tins.

Using scrapbook paper, ribbons, chipboard letters, and LOTS of modge podge, I made a couple of recipe boxes.

I also made a mini scrapbook tin - it was my favorite! I made it for my niece who was in kindergarten at the time (actually for her mom - my sister!) I thought it would be a fun and simple way to keep track of some of the memories from elementary school.

Inside the tin, it had 6 cards for kindergarten through 5th grade.

Each card had space on the front to record the years and teacher name as well as a place for their school picture. I put the cards inside a plastic photo sleeve to protect the pictures.

The back of the card had room to record friends, field trips, awards/accomplishments, and memories. You could also file small things in the box behind the appropriate card.

Posting these pictures is reminding me that I never made one of these for myself! I think I need to make a run to Hobby Lobby and get one. I could use a new recipe box!

Friday, March 6, 2009


Tanner's prayers have been getting longer lately...and more specific.

For a while now, his prayers have been more of the follow after mommy and daddy type. Or he had the standard meal time and bed time prayers without much variation.

But I have noticed that has started to change. He has been thanking God for specific things that happen - usually the fun, out of the ordinary events! And he has also started asking for very specific things.

Last night his prayer consisted of two specific prayer requests:

1. Please let us go to the week!

2. Please give mommy a baby...a baby sister!!

I give a hearty AMEN to both of those requests.