Monday, March 16, 2009

Preschool update

Tanner and I have been "officially" doing preschool for two weeks now.

At times it has been fun. Other times have been a CHALLENGE!

I have had a sneaky suspicion for some time now that teaching might not be one of my greatest gifts.

Well, I think an incident last week confirmed my suspicions.

I was painstakingly teaching the fine art of writing a lowercase a - using the clock face method. You know...start at "2 o'clock" and go up around the clock...and so on. It seemed simple and logical enough to me. So there I was at the marker board taking great pains to illustrate this and explain it in a way Tanner would understand.

Noticing it was very quiet behind me, I turn around to see Tanner's head on his desk.

"Tanner, what are you doing?" (in my sweetest, calmest, not frustrated in the slightest voice - of course!).

And this is what I hear - "Mommy, you are talking too much and I am getting sleepy!"

Needless to say, the lesson on the lowercase "a" ended right there.

Apparently I bore him into a state of exhaustion.

This is going well!!

1 comment:

Friederici Family said...

HA HA! That is great! Well, don't give up...I know you can do it!!
Maybe you should stick to more interactive instead of lectures...I don't know, just a thought :)