Friday, May 8, 2009

Creative uses of a dish towel

One of my favorite blogs, Grace Violet. had a post several months ago about making little girl skirts from dish towels. Of course, she had found these ADORABLE dish towels at Target and despite my endless searching I was unable to get my hands on the same towels.

Mind you, I don't even have a little girl to make these for. But they were so cute, I wanted to try it anyway.

So, I was at Target last week and saw some new dishtowels and snagged them up. Still not quite as cute as the original towels, but they would work. So I have been busy sewing today, and made three skirts for my good friend's three little girls - ages 4, 2 and 6 months.

In my haste and excitement to make them, I didn't stop to take "before" pictures. And of course, I can't find them on the Target website. I might have to go to Target tomorrow and take some pictures so you can truly appreciate this post!!

But here are the finished products:

The only thing I added to the dishtowels was the pink ric-rac on two of the skirts. Other than that, I just cut the towels in half, trimmed a little off the sides, sewed the sides together, and made a hem at the waist for elastic. And voila!

So cute. So fun. And so easy!

That is my kind of project.

Three skirts for around $11 - not bad!!

If you want to try it yourself, check out the great tutorial here.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

And the green award goes to...

I was working on dinner the other day, and heard Tanner say...

"Look at me Mommy. I have a lot of medals!"

I turned around to see this.

I had to laugh. We may not be the "greenest" family on the block, but Tanner has the award for reusable bags!!

Swine flu...and such

Well, it seems like the swine flu has shut down our little part of the world. Schools are closed for two weeks, parks are closed - they even closed church tomorrow! I think it is all a little crazy and I have my own conspiracy theories about the whole thing...but that is a separate post!

Despite all the doom and gloom, Tanner and I have had a great week. We have taken several walks, played outside, and worked on crafts.

We "attempted" to fly his kite.

We also spent some time throwing rocks in the lake.

Tanner's contribution to bringing up the lake level :)

We had a "see who can make the biggest splash" contest.

All in all, a good week!