Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Month of Firsts

The month of January was a month of several "firsts" for Colten. Ideally, I would have posted about these as they happened...but here it is February already, so thus the all-in-one post!!

On January 9, Colten tried rice cereal for the first time. And as we would expect, he was not sure what to think about it!

We are now in the first week of February, and he is just now starting to eat it pretty well!

Then the next day (Jan 10), Colten rolled over for the first time. He had been so close for about a week, and he finally made it all the way over that morning. Wouldn't you know that he decided to do it while I was taking Tanner to school and Daddy was watching him??!! I was so disappointed!! But the next day, I was able to get this video of him rolling over.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Colten's Dedication

Colten was dedicated in church on December 26. Since most of our family was in town for Christmas, we figured this was the perfect time for his dedication. It meant a lot to have them all there for the special occasion!

I think we set a record for the number of family members on stage for a baby dedication!

My grandfather, Archie Lee Alderson, prayed over Colten and it was so powerful! Colten is named after him (Colten Lee) and it was an honor to have him be a part of the service.

I was reminded after the service, that it had been one year ago TO THE DAY that we found out we were pregnant. Colten is our special miracle from the Lord and we were delighted to dedicate him back to the Lord in the church that we love and surrounded by the family that we hold so dear!