Thursday, January 29, 2009

Decoupaged Journals

Christmas this year was the year of homemade gifts for me. Partly out of necessity and partly because I just enjoy it that way!

When I was crafting up a storm in December, it was so hard not to post my projects on the blog. But considering most of the recipients were readers of this blog, I had to restrain myself.

Now that Christmas is over, WAY OVER I might add, I figured I would post some of the craft craziness.

Today, I will show you the decoupaged journals. These were so fun to make and one of the few things I actually made for myself too! For some reason, I never seem to find the time to make things for myself - but I have one of these journals and it goes with me everywhere!

I found this idea on one of my favorite crafty blogs here.

I used the larger notebooks, so I had to use two different sheets of paper. It can be a little tricky getting the paper on without bubbles and wrinkles. When that happened, I just reminded myself that homemade also means "not perfect"!!

A before and after shot (I apologize for the blinding light in the shot - photography is something I need to work on this year!):

A few of the journals I made for Christmas gifts:



Lisa @ Mish Mash Ramblings said...

Too cute. I saw Stephanie S.'s notebooks a while back, inspired by you if I remember correctly. Now that I have you in my google reader I'll be keeping up with you! And out of some crazy notion that I have free time to work on a blog, I started one the other day. It's and so far only Chad knows about it, so I've just written a couple of posts for him. :)

Susan said...

I love them!! Especially the paisley one in the bottom picture. :)