Saturday, May 19, 2007

New world of blogging

Ok...this whole blogging thing is so foreign to me. But I have several friends who have jumped in and I like the idea of having one central place where friends and family can keep up with what is going on in our life. Of course, that is going to require some effort and consistency on my this is definitely a trial run, wait and see sort of thing!! It is also rather daunting for me since I have never considered writing one of my strong points. In fact, I am hoping that Chris will contribute to this blog occasionally, because he is definitely much better in this area than I am! :)

I am also intrigued with the idea of journaling some of my thoughts and feelings about life. I'm not so sure others will find it in the slightest bit interesting, but again we will just wait and see how it goes. If nothing else, it may give my children some interesting reading material down the road!

Well, enough rambling for my first post!

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