Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Potty Training

I used to always say that I wasn't going to worry about potty-training because Tanner was bound to master it before kindergarten. And most days I do a pretty good job of not worrying about it...but I am having one of those off days and I am filled with horror at the thought that he might be the exception to the rule. The boy just doesn't seem to have any desire to be a "big boy" when it comes to this area. Up until now, our biggest problem has been that he has never actually done anything in the potty chair. Now mind you, it is not from lack of trying on our part! In fact, Chris put him on the potty one morning and sat in there for an hour and a half...they were reading books, drinking juice, watching a movie, drinking more juice, singing songs, and drinking more juice. Chris even had the water faucet running...but NOTHING!! Well that finally changed this weekend. He spent the night with Meme on Sunday night and wouldn't you know it that he sat on the potty chair and pee'd for her no problem. This is beginning to remind me of the "binkie" episode and I am really starting to get a complex here. Why is that all of the conjoling and bribing and talking does nothing when it comes from me but suddenly Chris or a grandparent can just ask him nicely and he does it no problem??!!

So he actually pee'd twice this weekend at Meme's house. Now that he is home however he is not the slightest bit interested...big surprise right?? Everyone tells me not to push him because he will do it when he is ready....but I am ready! Doesn't that count for anything?? Patience has never been my strongest attribute and this whole ordeal is really trying me. I know I probably need to just find 2 to 3 days in a row where we can stay home and put "big boy" underwear on and get serious about this. Of course trying to find that many consecutive days where we don't have to be somewhere is difficult...and maybe I am just chicken because I'm not sure what to expect.


dyceedo said...

yes, it IS frustrating. Lena wanted to start this OVER a year ago and is just now getting it all down. I have so many friends that said their kids just decided to do it overnight....whatever!

Chris said...

Hang in there Babe, we'll figure it out.