Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas Lights

I am a little sad is time to take down the Christmas lights. Some people would probably say PAST time! I just love the lights and decorations at Christmas and I am never ready for it to end. I don't think one month is long enough to fully appreciate all the beautiful Christmas trimmings. And my house never looks as good as it does at Christmas. But Chris reminded me that I wouldn't appreciate it if I left it up all I guess it is time to pack it all away.

I will have to say that I got my love of christmas lights is a pic of my parent's new house, all decked out for the holidays:

And their gynormous Christmas tree:

And then there is our house...I still have a ways to go to match my parents, but I am slowly adding a little more each year. In fact, I just hit up Walmart's 75% Christmas clearance yesterday and found more goodies for next year...I can hardly wait!

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