Thursday, March 13, 2008

God answers prayers!

i have to share a great testimony of answered prayer while we were in Haiti. As I mentioned in a previous post, Chris tore the meniscus in his knee right before we left for Haiti. By the time we left, it was really hurting him and he could not put any weight on the leg. So off we went with a knee brace, ice packs, and a cane - with a lot of people praying for him! The first few days in Haiti it was really bothering him but then God took over! Every morning that he woke up, his knee was a little better. By Wednesday, he was not using the knee brace or the cane and by Friday, he was on the playground playing soccer with the kids. It was truly a miracle and there was no explanation except prayer. When we returned home, he went to see his doctor who explained that if the meniscus lays a certain way it can alleviate some of the pain. However, it usually flaps up and that is what causes the pain. I know that God miraculously laid that cartilage down while we were in Haiti! We serve such an awesome and powerful God!!

The greatest part about it was that Chris had such an incredible time with the kids and really bonded with them. He would have missed out on a lot of that if he had not injured his knee because he would have been doing construction work like he originally planned. God used the knee injury to put him exactly where he needed to be. Praise God!!

The second day after we returned home, Chris woke up and said it must have flapped back up because it was hurting again! He did have surgery yesterday to correct it, and everything went well and the doctor said he should have no long term damage. Thank you to everyone who prayed for him...God heard your prayers!!

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