Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Water fun

Chris and I are taking vacation this week - long overdue! We originally planned to go down to Rockport for the week, but the forecast was calling for wind and rain. Not exactly the weather you want for the beach. So we decided to stay home and do some fun day trips around here. We went to Schlitterbahn yesterday, which Tanner loved! The boy has no fear and wanted to go on EVERY SINGLE ride!! I think his favorite ride was the Der Bahn Speed Slide - a three story body slide that you would think would terrify a 3 year old. But oh no! He rode down with Chris and absolutely loved it. Here is a picture from the website since I didn't have my camera for this ride:

We were there for 8 hours and soaked up a lot of sun. I was slathering sun screen on every few hours and kept Tanner well covered - as you can see from the pictures. Poor little guy has my fair skin rather than his daddy's nice olive skin. Overall it was a great day! Here are some pictures:

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