Saturday, June 27, 2009

New product line

Wow...that title sounds like I have this huge, booming business!! LOL!

One can dream...

My etsy shop has undergone some product changes, due to patent infringement issues. I never in a million years would have guessed that there was a patent out there for household gloves trimmed with an oilcloth cuff.

But apparently there is...and I got the email notification two weeks ago that I had 10 days to remove my gloves.

I can't even begin to tell you how upset and disappointed I was. They were so fun, and I enjoyed making them. Who gets a patent for oilcloth gloves anyway???

My initial reaction was to just ignore the rationale being that I wasn't a real threat to them. I mean really people, 11 gloves sold in 3 months IS NOT hurting your business. You think that argument would hold up??

But once I calmed down and stopped long enough to hear what God was trying to tell me, I knew that the right decision was to just move on and find something else to focus on.

I have had several ideas rattling around in my brain...and I just launched one of them today on my Etsy site.

Adorable, custom totes with an initial appliqued to the front. These are small, little-girl sized totes. If you click my Etsy shop banner in the top right corner, you will see more pictures of them in my shop.

I'm still not convinced that the price is worth the time I put into them, but I am going to try it and see.

I also got my stuff in one of the cute boutiques here in New Braunfels, which I am super excited about.

Now, if I could actually make some money from this endeavor!


Sheryl said...

Love the bag Jennifer!!! How much are they going for?..

Adams Family said...

I am selling them for $18...if you go to, you can see the other fabrics available and more pictures.