Sunday, June 17, 2007

Swim Lessons

Tanner had his first swim lessons last week. Talk about no fear! He just jumped right in and went under the water with no problem. We have a friend from church who gives private lessons, so it was Tanner and three of his friends from church that took the lesson together. They had a great time! Of course, we went every morning last week so now Tanner thinks that going to the pool is just a regular part of our routine. I have a feeling we will have to make some trips to the neighborhood pool this week!

I remember being petrified of water as a child, and I really don't want Tanner to experience that. Chris on the other hand loved the water, and so far it looks like Tanner is taking after him!

Here are a few pics from our lessons:


Powell Family said...

What a brave boy! He's so stinkin cute!!

Powell Family said...

PS: I see your comment section is working now! YEA!!