Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Frantic Pace...

Chris and I will be leaving for Haiti in 2 1/2 days...I can hardly believe it! Life has been a blur these last few months, and I feel like I am drowning most of the time. Church stuff has been downright crazy as we are in the middle of a huge capital campaign and that seems to take up most of our time. That is coming to an end, however, and now we are trying to focus on Haiti for the next few days before we leave.

I honestly haven't had much time to think about our Haiti trip because of everything else going on. But I CAN say that God is stirring up a real sense of excitement and anticipation for what He has in store for us. Of course, just the fact that Chris and I get to go together is something I am really excited about. We have both been on mission trips before, but we have never been together. It is always neat to minister alongside your spouse and best friend, and watch God work through them and use them.

I will say that our excitement about the trip has been challenged a little the last few days. Chris hurt his knee over a week ago and it has been getting progressively worse each day. Over the weekend, it got so bad that he could hardly walk on it. So yesterday he went to see an orthopedic doctor in our church and it looks like he has a torn meniscus. They are doing an MRI tomorrow to confirm that, but the doctor is recommending that he use crutches as much as possible and he thinks he will need surgery when we get back. Needless to say, our vision of this mission trip did not include Chris on crutches! I know Chris is really disappointed because he was planning to help with some construction work while we were down there...but that is definitely out of the picture now. As frustrating and disappointing as it may be, I know that it didn't surprise God and He has something great planned for Chris - crutches and all!

I'm not sure how much internet access we will have while in Haiti...but I will try to give some blog updates if possible!

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