Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Out of the mouth of babes

Ok, I have to share a Tanner funny. We were at the grocery store yesterday and a slightly overweight (putting it tactfully) cashier walked by us. Tanner proceeded to tell me that she had a "big tummy". Thankfully we were out of earshot and he said it in a quieter voice. I had to keep from laughing as he followed it up with "she has a lot of lunch in her tummy". Not sure if that was what he actually said, I asked him again and he said, a little louder, "she has a lot of food in her tummy!". I know that I am in store for a lot more of these embarrassing, but oh so funny moments, but this was one of the first...and I just had to share.


McKenna said...

Now that is FUNNY!!

Lori said...

That is sooooo funny!!! Sophie is already beginning to embarrass me with things she says. But it keeps things lively and entertaining, right?