Saturday, April 19, 2008

A weekend away

The weather the last few weeks has been delightful! Cool in the evenings and around 75 during the day. And here in South Texas, that is a rarity let me tell you!

So, we decided to take advantage of it and go camping this weekend. We thought about leaving Thursday afternoon, but we had one of those lovely Texas thunderstorms roll in. And this one was quite the humdinger. In fact, it kept Tanner up most of the night...which of course meant Mommy and Daddy were up as well. So we left Friday morning fully rested and in such good moods. Or something like that - you know it's not always the best idea to head off for a camping trip when you are already exhausted. But off we went.

We stayed at Pedernales Falls State Park. We only camped one night, but it was great! It is an absolutely beautiful area of the Texas Hill Country, and we had a wonderful time hiking, swimming and just relaxing. Although, I will say that relaxing looks a little different when you have a 3 year old.

Here are a few pics from one of our hikes:

Tanner & Daddy looking for critters!

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