Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter Update

We had a great Easter weekend. I meant to post these several days ago, but here are some pictures from the festivities.

We colored eggs at Aunt Diane's house the Wednesday before Easter. This was the first year that I could just watch and take pictures without helping Tanner.

Cousin Rowdy on the other hand was a different story! First he had to taste the dye to make sure it passed inspection.

Then he had to see how well his fingers could be dyed. He WAS a blue and green Easter Egg by the time we were done!

Here is a sampling of the finished product...beautiful!

On Saturday, we had an Easter egg hunt at Meme's house. So much fun!!

Of course, the older cousins had to compare loot!

And then go through all their loot:

Finally, a picture of Meme with her "chickens".

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