Saturday, April 4, 2009

Whew...that was exhausting!!

Well, Diane and I survived our first Wimberly Market Days!! It was EXHAUSTING but fun.

We were up until midnight last night recovering the last set of chairs, and then had quite the adventure trying to maneuver the U-haul trailer filled with our stuff. I don't think Diane will ever step within 20 feet of a trailer again!

I was certain a little old rancher was going to stumble across us last night after we had missed our turn and were stuck on this narrow, dark, out-in-the-middle of nowhere ranch road. There was no where to turn around so we had to do a 3 point turn - that turned into a 15 point turn. With me standing in the middle of the road yelling out instructions while Diane tried to back up. We eventually got out of there, only to repeat the same scene about 3 hours later as we missed yet another turn. This time it was 11 pm with me standing in the middle of the road yelling out instructions. I'm not sure if the lesson is to avoid trailers or use a GPS!

Oh yeah, fun times!!

But enough about the trailer, and onto Wimberley Market Days. We were #19 to get a booth assigned, and we got the first booth that we requested. YIPPEE!! It was a great setup but we later realized it wasn't the best location. I think we missed out on a lot of the traffic...but now we know!

Here is our booth:

I made some glass tile necklaces and the domestic diva gloves. (click on the pictures for a close up view)

Diane had some really cute furniture, vintage linens and fun knick-knacks from Europe.

And just to illustrate how brisk our sales were, here is Diane hard at work:

Overall, it was a great experience. We didn't sell as much as we wanted, but we did cover our costs with a little profit left over. And now that we know what we are doing and still have some inventory left over, we might try it again next month.

But without the trailer, thank you very much. We definitely learned that lesson the hard way!


Stephanie Steubing said...

Let's just say that the last time I tried to back up a trailer I said a bad word and started crying because I got it stuck. Feel any better :)

I'm coming next month fo' sho! :)

Friederici Family said...

Hah! You should see Paul and I with our camping trailer. It gets a bit heated I have to say! But apparently I am not good at directing! Yeah, sure :) least you had fun!! Good job!

Lisa Perry said...

I'm glad you two made a little profit...great for it being your first time and not knowing how it would turn out!

It was fun to see y'all there!

Susan said...

The first time is always the learning experience. I'm glad you made a little money, at least. And I'm glad you had fun. Sorry to say I got a good little chuckle out of your trailer story. (Okay, not that sorry) :) It took me back to our tent-trailer camping days and how much "fun" it was to direct those turns.
And btw, I love how you did your necklace presentation. It looked very nice.