Saturday, July 21, 2007

Tanner's Birthday Party

We celebrated Tanner's 3rd birthday today with a family party. He doesn't actually turn 3 until next Saturday, but we wanted to have a party while Diane was still in town. We did a dinosaur themed party, which Tanner really enjoyed. Of course, Chris & I had a lot of fun planning it as well! Since it was still raining, we had to do the party inside but everyone seemed to enjoy it.

We played pin the horn on the triceratops for our first game. Thanks goodness for Meme's artistic talents...she drew a really cute dinosaur! Tanner didn't quite understand the concept of using the blindfold because he kept trying to peek out the bottom. But they were cute to watch!

Next, we had a fossil dig on the front porch. Chris filled the plastic swimming pool with sand and we hid small dinosaurs and fossils in the sand. The kids had a blast digging for treasures!

We finished off the party with hot dogs, cupcakes & presents:

I was exhausted by the end of the day, but I think Tanner had a great time! We are doing another party next weekend for a few friends from church. We were originally going to do one big party today, but since the rain meant we had to stay inside we decided to break it up into 2 parties. That idea sounded great earlier in the week, but after everyone left we looked at each other and wondered if we had made the right decision. The thought of doing this all over again next Saturday is exhausting! But there is no going back at this point...we will just have to rethink our strategy next year :)

Here are a few more pics from the day:


Powell Family said...

Happy Birthday Tanner!!! Okay, now for one who was asking me all kinds of blog questions, you have to tell me who did your template! I LOVE IT!!

Lori said...

Can you believe he is 3? I love the birthday theme, and the fossil dig was so cute too:)

Linda said...

I just wanted my special little grandson to know that he has brought me more joy than I every knew possible. As a young girl I always wanted to grow up and be a mommy; so this additional rerun as a grandmother is a true blessing.