Thursday, July 24, 2008

Coast trip

Thanks to Hurricane Dolly, our coast trip was cut short. We were supposed to spend the week in Rockport, and instead we ended up with one good beach day before heading home.

I guess that is what I get for not checking the weather before leaving home!

There is nothing quite like driving to the beach, only to be met by highway signs saying "Hurricane forming in the gulf...please fill your gas tanks!". It was one of those unbelievable, you-have-got-to-be-kidding-me moments.

Tanner was clueless and had a GREAT time building sand castles and playing in the water. He was so funny the first time he put his face under the water and came up spitting. He ran over and said "who put the salt in there??". Too cute!!

On the way home, we were talking about the beach and the salt water. Tanner informed us that a blue man put the salt in there while it was dark. Where does he get this stuff??!!

Thankfully our beach cottage gave us a voucher for two free nights the next time we go down - so we will have to reschedule our beach trip. And next time I will be sure to check the weather first!

Tanner chasing the sea gulls!


McKenna said...

Rockport is the best!! I miss you guys!

Lisa Perry said...

Okay, you never told me your blog has great tips and fun pics of your kitchen! I'm going to write Jomax on my grocery list right NOW! :) And I just added your blog to my favorites...I better start checking you out for good tips!