Friday, July 11, 2008

Crazy roadrunner

I guess you could say that we live in the country. It's not like we have acreage or a farm - but we are about 15 miles out of town. Which means that we get all sorts of critters. Like the raccoons that found our kitchen trash can when we set it outside one night. Or the deer who find great pleasure in eating my freshly planted flowers.

Our latest visitor has been a roadrunner. Now, its not like we have never seen them around. But just not quite like this!

Earlier this week, Chris and I were sitting on the couch and kept hearing a strange noise on our dining room sliding door. When we finally got up to check - this is what we found.

The crazy thing was trying desperately to get inside - or he saw something he wanted. I don't know what the problem was, but he continued to peck on our door for a good 10 minutes! Chris immediately began to wonder if roadrunners can have rabies :)

Yesterday evening, Chris spotted the same roadrunner on our neighbor's roof pecking on the chimney pipe.

And then this morning, I found him on top of Chris's truck. He wasn't too excited about that!

So, now we are under strict instructions to not leave the doors open for ANY REASON! Chris is convinced that this bird would make a mad dash for inside our house if given the opportunity. Strange stuff...

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