Monday, July 7, 2008

Online shopping tip

Ok, I admit it...I love online shopping! The fact that I can jump online and buy something with a few clicks of the mouse, and then have it delivered to my brings me great joy and satisfaction. However, being the frugal, coupon loving person that I am - I only like to shop online when I can find a great deal.

So I thought I would share my latest find. It is called ebates. This website rocks!

You simply link to the store of choice from their website and you get cash back for shopping. I used them last week for the first time. I ordered some ink cartridges for my printer and I got 17% cash back. Gotta love that!!

I just received my email today telling me that I had $9.48 cash back in my account. So if you have some online shopping to do, check them out!

And even better, if you sign up and list me as your referral - we will each get $5 credited to our account! So sign up here...and tell your friends :)

Getting paid to shop...what could be better??!!

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