Saturday, July 19, 2008

Neopolitan ice cream

It all started with this fabric:

After a year of trying to decide what colors to redo the kitchen, I found this fabric at my FAVORITE furniture and fabric store.

I carried a swatch around in my wallet for a few months and then finally decided to take the plunge. You would think I was buying a new house, not just painting the kitchen!

I decided to paint one accent wall chocolate brown, with the other walls green and the cabinets cream. Oh, and the fabric for the window treatments.

So...I painted the brown wall first. When I first opened the can, I felt like I was in an episode of Trading Spaces. Staring at this open paint can and wondering why in the world I thought that was going to look good. Why is it that the color in the can is nothing like the color once it is on the wall??

But I took the plunge and once it was painted, I breathed a sigh of relief. I actually liked it.

Then on to the green. That is where it started going downhill. As I started to paint one of the walls, I began to wonder why this didn't look like the color chip. Again, why is that?? I let it dry hoping that the color would improve - but no such luck.

All I could think was that I needed a pink wall and we would have neopolitan ice cream. Not exactly the look I was going for!

So off to Home Depot for round #2 in the green paint selection. And I think I got it this time! It looks much better with the brown.

And now if I can just decide on what style I want for the curtains...oh the decisions!

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