Thursday, August 16, 2007

Never say never...

Tanner & I flew to California today to visit my sister and it actually went pretty well. I have to admit that I was a little anxious at the idea of flying by myself with a 3 year old...but he was a real trooper! But earlier in the week, I was quizzing a friend who has a son the same age and she just got back from flying with him. I was asking her for any tricks or advice she may have, and I have to laugh after our day today! One thing she suggested was packing some clothes for both of us in our carry on because you never know when you might get stuck in the airport or lose your luggage. I am just thinking "yeah, yeah, that won't happen to me". Of course, I just wanted to carry on as little as possible since I was taking the car seat on the plane and knew I had to have a free hand for Tanner. I even joked about it with Chris last night as I was packing. I told him it was probably one of those things that you really don't take seriously until you have experienced it. Well I'm sure you have guessed it by now...but I can now officially join the "lost luggage" club. As I stood there watching bag after bag go by, the same ones again and again, I kept thinking this can not be happening. And then I saw my small roller bag that had my cosmetics and some diapers for Tanner...and I had hope! But alas, the large duffel with ALL my clothes and most of Tanners...nowhere to be seen.

The baggage department claims it is in Charlotte - how it got sent there is beyond me. I just hope they know what they are talking about, especially since I heard him tell the lady in front of me the same thing. I hope that is not their standard line..."oh yeah, it's in Charlotte!". They are telling me they will deliver it either tomorrow or Friday. I sure hope so...otherwise, they better give me a nice fat check to go shopping!!

Needless to say, I will probably pack my carry-on a little different next time. Why is it so hard for us to just learn from other's mistakes without experiencing them for ourself??!!

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