Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The tongue...

Apparently Tanner has “a tongue thing” according to Rachelle! She informed me on our camping trip that Tanner used his tongue a lot, something I had never noticed. She then followed it up by telling me it was kind of like my tongue thing! What??!! Newsflash to me, but according to my sister, Tanner and I use our tongues more than normal. Of course, after she broke this to me, I watched Tanner and sure enough his tongue does come out of his mouth a lot. It became quite humorous to just watch him and see the tongue come out again and again. When he was concentrating, when he was running, when he was just standing there, and on and on. Here is a picture Rachelle took while we were observing Tanner:

Of course, now I am self conscious about my own tongue!! I think Rachelle was secretly hoping to get a picture of my tongue, but she wasn’t successful. Thank goodness!!

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