Friday, August 31, 2007

Tithing my time

I have been feeling very unorganized, unproductive and generally overwhelmed lately...and God has been gently prodding me about my lack of consistent quiet time. I was having a discussion with Chris today about my struggle to get up early for my quiet time with the Lord. Everything in my flesh fights the idea of getting up early in the morning. Yet, if I don't have my quiet time first thing in the morning, then I get too busy with my daily tasks that I never find the time to stop. I know that I probably need to start going to bed earlier, but I usually feel most productive at night. It seems to be a catch 22. (By the way, what exactly does that phrase mean??)

Anyways, during our discussion, I mentioned that my argument sounded a lot like the argument you hear from people who are having a hard time tithing. "But I already live check to check and barely have enough for the bills. If I give 10% to God, how will I have enough to pay everything else?" I have a similar just has to do with my time. I already feel like there aren't enough hours in the day and I always feel like I am behind the curve. Yet, I am not honoring God with the firstfruits of my day. I know that He will honor my sacrifice, and will make my day more productive if I will just give Him the chance. It is just my selfish flesh that always seems to want more sleep!! I know it is just an issue of self-discipline. I apparently need God's help to beat this body into submission!! Am I the only one with this struggle? Not that it really matters, I just want someone else to share my pain :)

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